Staff Lockers – Keyless Electronic Locker Systems

Staff Lockers – User Friendly and Safe Storage of Belongings

With hot desking becoming more and more commonplace in UK offices, employers want to make sure that their staff can store their belongings safely.

Assigning separate lockers to all members of staff is often unnecessary as they may often work in shifts. Dynamic electronic locker management allows organisations to significantly reduce the number of lockers they physically require by up to 50%.  In a nutshell, a locker becomes available when the previous user leaves, guaranteeing optimal utilisation of the locker.

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UK Staff Lockers + Digilock

A growing number of organisations are enabling their staff to work in a more flexible way. They are doing this either by setting their own hours, by choosing their own workplace or even working at a different office location. This is making the traditional desk-based office environment a thing of the past. Flexible, secure storage then becomes a critical part of any flexible working strategy. CP Lockers can help you with our flexible and secure DIGILOCK electronic keyless locker management solution, that can save up to 50% on space and costs.

Digilock keyless staff lockers become available for the next user as soon as the previous user leaves.  This way, organisations no longer require a separate locker for each person.

Digilock keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit PIN code. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an Accessibility User Key. Lock systems are easily managed with a Programming Key unique to the lock system.

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UK Public Buildings

Managing lockers that use keys or coins to access can be a burden. Especially to organisations who operate public facilities, such as libraries, swimming pools, fitness clubs and other leisure facilities.

Digilock electronic locks allow dynamic use of lockers, and thanks to a central management system it is possible to  unlock all lockers at a set time for cleaning or to make sure there are no items left in the lockers overnight.

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