Tropical Islands, Germany

About Project:

Tropical Feeling


At Krausnick in Brandenburg, all fans of the Tropics and the South Seas can find their own paradise. Since 2004, this has been the home of biggest tropical park on the planet in the largest free-standing hall in the world. On a surface area of 66,000 m2, the guests can find a unique holiday resort – regardless of the weather.

The gigantic hall, which was originally designed as a hangar for airships, is so large that the Statue of Liberty could fit inside and there would be enough space for eight football pitches next to each other. The design was equipped with a light-permeable membrane so that natural tanning is possible. Thanks to a constant air temperature of 26°, the visitors can immerse themselves in various regions: the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and South America come together – all against the fantastic backdrop of a genuine tropical forest.

The Task

The corporate philosophy of “Tropical Islands” is consistently applied to and presented vividly in all areas. The tropical feeling should be retained in the locker-room areas, too. This begins with the exterior design of the locker rooms and is maintained in the exotic colour tones of the lockers, which allude to the colours of tropical flowers. Following the great success of the water park, it was necessary to cater for the increased space requirements. The locker rooms were restructured to create space for more compartments. The arrangement of the barefoot and shoe areas was also optimized.


The Solution

With its versatile “Cambio” locker system, CP was able to satisfy all the high requirements of Tropical Islands, and installed both double-tier lockers and Z-combination lockers. The Z-combination lockers are designed to be as convenient as possible for the users. With the Cambio lockers, every person (left or right compartment) is given the same amount of space and has the option of hanging up long items of clothing. A large compartment for bags and practical dividers for relatively small items help to satisfy the various storage wishes of the different users. The locking system also lives up to sophisticated demands: it not only opens and locks the lockers, but also simplifies the access to the additional-charge zones, the billing for refreshments, etc. This is all achieved with one and the same data carrier, which acts as an electronic key for the locker user.