Ski Dubai, UAE

About Project:

An Indoor Ski Resort of the Superlatives



Skiing in the desert? What sounds like a fairy tale has become impressive reality at “Ski Dubai”.

The gigantic indoor skiing area is simply a succession of superlatives: 22,500 m2 of snow surface, 6,000 tons of snow, 5 different types of ski piste, the largest one 400 m long and with a 60 m height difference, an indoor chair lift for 4 people, a 90 m long quarter pipe for snow boarders and, at 3,000 m2, the world’s largest interactive snow park catering for all ages. And right at the heart of things: Cambio from CP.



CP Cambio meets the maximum requirements placed

Maximum requirements were placed by “Ski Dubai” on the lockers. A high-grade, modular system was wanted whose different compartment sizes would suit a variety of user groups. At the same time, the lockers were to be flexibly extendable and convertible so as to respond to any change in user numbers. The cabinet groups were also to act as spatial approaches in zoning the locker room.