About Project:

How do you fit 1000 Microsoft employees into an office and achieve social interaction and collaboration? Hot-Desking.

The first thing you are introduced to when you start work at a new office is probably your desk. Microsoft has broken away from this traditional paradigm of the workplace by instigating “open office” set-ups, and crucially without permanently-assigned desks.

Instead, employees store their personal belongings in  “Shared-Used Lockers”, and have to pick a new desk every day they come to work.

CP Lockers are ideal for Shared-Use working environments and have been installed at various Microsoft locations worldwide.

Fitted with the secure code-operated “Digilock” locking system, CP Lockers provide total security for personal effects with a simple 4-digit user code.

The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA user key. Lock installations are easily managed with Digilock’s unique programming key and manager bypass key system. Digilock features:

  • All metal lock housing with or without integral pull handle
  • Standard, vertical and horizontal body orientation
  • Audible and visual usage indicators
  • 2-year product warranty