About Project:


CP Lockers has installed Digilock “Shared Use” employee lockers at various Intel sites, worldwide.

The locker “banks” installed at Intel support the company’s remote and mobile working operations. Sometimes referred to as “hot-desking”,  employees share communal computers and desks instead of being individually allocated a workstation.

The Shared Use operation of each locker is crucial to this work practice by allowing employees to input a 4 digit code for access in order to store personal belongings. In order to stop individual lockers being ‘taken over’ by one person, Intel’s Digilock system is programmed to open automatically at 8 hours after first access.

The Digilock locker series features:

  • High Density Keypad
  • Tamper Guard
  • Usage Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Programmable LED
  • Programmable Time Clock Auto-Unlock
  • Audit Trail ( High Security)