Digilock Simplifies the Use of Lockers

NextLock® by Digilock® simplifies the use of lockers for club members and locker room management for club managers using innovative and patented technology.

The goal was clear, increase member satisfaction by developing a solution for users that eliminates the need to carry a key during a workout and take the worry out of lost keys. NextLock’s shared-use option ensures locker availability and allows members to determine their own 4-digit code, providing them a secure, keyless locker solution. Managers never have to worry about forgotten codes or if a lock’s batteries have failed. With the use of a patented electronic manager key, locker access is no longer a problem. Additionally, if a locker is accessed by mistake, it can be relocked without disturbing the original user’s code. Together, NextLock’s modern style and electronic manager key provide a complete and security simplified® solution for locker room management.

Digilock is the global leader of electronic locks and locker security solutions that uses patented keypad and RFID technology. Founded in 1981, Digilock introduced its first line of electronic locks in 1992. NextLock is built on the same solid reputation as all Digilock products in simplifying security solutions for the past 34 years; continued innovation, commitment to excellence in quality, world-class customer service, and our signature design appeal.

To this day, Digilock remains the number one preferred manufacturer of high-performance security simplified® lock and locker solutions for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, educational institutions, hotels and spas and office environments.